2 in 1 Boltless Rack With Fiberboard Shelving

2 in 1 Rack series for easy installation and dismantling. The 2 in 1 rack is available in 5 level fiberboard shelves. Quick and easy installation with Boltless concept system makes it easy for home and office usage. The versatile 2 in 1 Rack series can be constructed to various height requirement up to 6ft with easy add-on of angle posts. The 2 in 1 rack series is supplied in 1-carton boxes for easy transport and handling. With innovative joint brackets, the 2 in 1 Rack series can be used as a single five-level shelve or as 2 individual units with 2 & 3 level shelves.

  • Easy to install & dismantle
  • Adjust freely
  • No tools required
  • Suitable for any storage
Product Details
Product Dimension (mm) : 1829(H) x 900(L) x 350(W)
Level : 5 Levels with Metal Shelves Plate
Loading Capacity : 80kgs UDL Per Level
Colour : White / Grey
Bolt Free Connected Build Up For Space