We are storage and materials handling specialist. We are business partners of SSI Schaefer Systems and Mah Sing Plastics Industries in East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah).

When finding the right storage solution, it’s always reassuring to have an expert by your side. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales and design team give you a world-class blend of valuable insight, guidance and practical assistance.

Looking for a much more in-depth review of your warehouse or storage facility? We provides analysis, advice and ongoing support to give you just that.

Our Rack Inspection service provides a comprehensive audit of your beams, uprights, frame bracing, floor fixings and lock-in clips. As the inspections are carried out in typical operational conditions, the inspectors also check that it is fit for purpose. At the end, they issue a report on any damage, and provide advice on how it can be fixed.

Analysis & Advice

We don’t just offer general advice and guidance about your storage requirements; we go further to provide you with practical assistance and advice with a more detailed analysis of your storage requirements.

Our own in-house Analysis & Simulation Tools will translate your storage needs into a specification report, evaluating all areas of your warehouse, including:

  • The layout & storage equipment you require
  • Your material storage locations
  • The optimal material handling processes & picking speeds
  • Inventory levels to achieve your required service levels
  • Purchasing & replenishment strategies

Our Certification